About the Club

The VFWDC is a small club compared to some, but our members don't miss out on anything other clubs have. A variety of four wheel driving trips are conducted each month to cater for all drivers, vehicles and level of experience. These trips range in varying degrees of difficulty, but the majority cater for easy to medium touring with the occasional harder trip for more experienced members. Due to family involvement a high number of trips are suitable for off road trailers making it comfortable for all concerned.

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The VFWDC encourages and highly recommends that all members participate in driver training, for both new and longer serving members. Four wheel driving is extremely rewarding but needs to be conducted safely to ensure unnecessary risks are not taken.

The Club is not restricted to any particular make of 4WD vehicle. Other than the regular Patrols and LandCruisers, we have Landrovers, Prados, Pathfinders, Hilux, Navara and more.

Single or family memberships are available to anyone who owns or is considering purchasing a registered four wheel drive vehicle.