The Club has approximately 75 members, comprising both individuals and families.

Members receive:

  Free Driver Training, Trip Leader Training and more.

  Electronic copy of the VFWDC monthly newsletter Free Wheeling.

  Access to great knowledge from some extremely experienced outback tourers.

The VFWDC is not restricted to any particular make of four wheel drive vehicle, so there is always plenty of variety and camaraderie amongst members. We do however restrict our memberships to those with vehicles fitted with Low Range four wheel drive or equivalent.

The club meets at the Blue and Gold Room, Club Noble, 46-56 Moodemere St, Noble Park on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 8.00pm (No meeting January).

Members and Guests are welcome to dine at the Bistro before attending the meeting.

How to join ?

We suggest you attend a Club meeting, talk to the members and see what the Club can offer you. If there is a social or easy day trip, we encourage you to attend to see how we operate, and you can see if our club is for you.

If you decide to join, download and complete a Membership Form and pay the relevant fees and that is it.
It is that easy to become a member of the Victorian Four Wheel Drive Club and gain hours of pleasure from its activities and support from its members. You will then receive a new members pack to welcome you to the club, and from there on, its upto you!

4wd Training

The VFWDC believes that successful four wheel driving stems from good, safe, and sound training.

A number of training days and weekends are conducted throughout the year. These trips are designed for new and/or current members who wish to brush up on their four wheel driving skills and techniques.

Various courses are conducted, including:

  Basic four wheel driving techniques.

  Four wheel driving recovery techniques.

  Snow driving techniques.

The training courses are designed to enable safe and environmentally friendly driving in the bush.

All training is conducted free of charge to members and is carried out by Four Wheel Drive Victoria accredited Club Training Instructors.

For further information on the training program, please contact the New Member Contact listed on the newsletter.